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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's in the First Choice Concrete formula?

    We use a proprietary blend that is directly from the manufacturer, which means more savings to fall on our customers!

  • How do I get a quote?

    You can fill out our Request a Quote form, email us, or for a fast response, give us a call at (330) 600-9378

  • are epoxy floors slippery?

    They can be when wet, but adding texture or non-slip additives can help reduce slipperiness.

  • Do you have to sand concrete floors before applying epoxy?

    Yes, we use a concrete grinder that takes the skim coat off the top. This process opens the pours of the concrete and allows our product to fill the pours and create a bond that is extremely strong and will not peel.

  • Is it dusty when you grind concrete floors?

    It varies depending on your concrete. To minimize this, we use a strong vaccuum that connects to our grinder, removing the majority of dust from the area.

  • are epoxy floors durable?

    Absolutely! Epoxy floors are known for their durability and can withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicle use.

  • are epoxy floors waterproof?

    Yes, epoxy floors are resistant to water and various chemicals, making them ideal for areas prone to spills.

  • Is it worth it to epoxy a garage floor?

    Definitely! Epoxy coating not only enhances the appearance of your garage but also protects the concrete floor from stains, cracks, and wear.

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using an epoxy coating on a concrete garage floor?

    Benefits include durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to stains. Drawbacks might include initial cost and the need for proper surface preparation (we have that covered!).

  • What is the difference between epoxy and polyaspartic?

    Epoxy takes longer to cure and requires more preparation, but it's incredibly durable. Polyaspartic cures faster and is more flexible, making it suitable for outdoor use and environments with temperature variations. Both have their pros and cons depending on your needs!

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