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Industrial-Strength Epoxy Floors: Durable Solutions for Machine Shops & Manufacturers

Elevate the performance and safety of your industrial space with our industrial-strength epoxy floor coatings. Engineered to withstand the demanding environments of machine shops and manufacturing facilities, these high-performance solutions offer a comprehensive package of benefits.

The Right Epoxy for Your Industrial Space

Industrial environments are diverse, and each space has its own unique set of requirements. To ensure optimal performance and long-lasting durability, we offer a variety of high-performance epoxy coatings specifically formulated to address the challenges faced in different industrial settings.

Chemical-Shield Epoxy for Industrial Spaces

Superior Chemical Resistance for Harsh Environments

Industrial facilities often deal with a variety of chemicals. Focus on epoxy formulations specifically designed to resist these harsh chemicals. Highlight their ability to handle spills, splashes, and long-term exposure without degrading, staining, or emitting harmful fumes.

Impenetrable to Leaks & Spills

Accidents happen. These epoxy coatings are designed to be impervious to leaks and spills, preventing damage to the subfloor and ensuring a safe working environment.

Easy Decontamination & Maintenance

A seamless, non-porous surface allows for quick and easy decontamination of spills. Epoxy floors are simple to maintain with routine cleaning procedures, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

High-Strength Epoxy for Machine Shops

Durable Against Heavy Machinery & Impact

Machine shops require a floor that can withstand significant weight and impact. Highlight the high-strength properties of these epoxy coatings, which can handle heavy machinery, dropped tools, and constant traffic without cracking, chipping, or spalling.

Abrasion-Resistant for Long-Term Performance

Machine shops deal with constant wear and tear. Emphasize the exceptional abrasion resistance of these epoxy options, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring solution.

Improved Slip Resistance for Worker Safety

Even in oily environments, these epoxy options can provide slip-resistant properties to minimize the risk of falls and injuries for workers.

Seamless Epoxy for Manufacturing Facilities

Smooth & Consistent Surface for Efficient Operations

A seamless and consistent epoxy floor creates a smooth path for machinery, carts, and foot traffic, promoting efficient workflow and production in your manufacturing facility.

Easy Cleaning & Dust Control

Manufacturing environments can generate dust and debris. Highlight the easy cleaning properties of epoxy floors, allowing for efficient dust control and maintaining a clean work area.

Variety of Colors for Improved Visibility & Safety

Epoxy coatings come in a variety of colors. You can offer options that enhance safety by improving visibility of pathways, hazard zones, and designated work areas within the manufacturing facility.

Areas We Serve

We service Millersburg, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and anywhere else in Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania.

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